Margarita Parrot Party Canvas Beach Tote Bag. Showing 3 parrot friends enjoying their time together drinking a margarita.
Margarita Parrot Party Canvas Beach Tote Bag by a pool

Margarita Parrot Party Canvas Beach Tote Bag

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Margarita Parrot Party Canvas Beach Tote Bag


It's always a party with these 3 birds, Mango, Salsa, and Tiki. 

In the heart of the tropical jungle, amidst the squawks and chirps of the colorful inhabitants, Mango, Salsa, and Tiki were renowned as the island's most feather-brained trio. Their friendship began when Mango, known for his insatiable curiosity, mistook Salsa's fiery feathers for a particularly ripe mango and swooped in for a taste. Despite the initial misunderstanding, Salsa's infectious laughter and Tiki's easygoing nature quickly endeared them to Mango, and they became inseparable companions in mischief.

Their escapades were legendary: from crashing the coconut harvest festival to accidentally dyeing themselves blue while attempting to create a tropical-themed spa day. But it was their penchant for relaxation that truly set them apart. While other parrots squawked and flapped in frenzied displays, Mango, Salsa, and Tiki preferred to kick back in their hammocks, coconut margaritas in hand, as they swapped stories and shared laughs under the swaying palms.

And once, in a daring display of holiday spirit, they even helped their friend "Felicia the Flamingo" pull Santa's sleigh across the starlit sky, giving old Saint Nick a much-needed break and spreading cheer across the Caribbean.


  • 100% 10oz Cotton Canvas Materials
  • 10" Handle Drop
  • 14" Tall x 12" Wide x 4-6" Deep (Expands up to)
  • Double stitched surged sides (This is fancy talk for good stitching)
  • Handles are attached with cross X stitching
  • Holds 2 rolled up 30x60 beach towels, 2 tees, 2 sunglasses, 3 bottles of sunblock, 3 tumblers. If you are good at Tetris you can fit a bit more in there.
  • Lays flat for easy storage.
  • One big open area to hold everything. 

Well, that's it. Maybe you have a bunch of beach bags and don't need another. Maybe you like our designs and cannot live without this bag. Or maybe, just maybe you didn't even bother reading this and have already purchased the bag. Either way, thanks for looking! 

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Island Jay: Your One-Stop Destination for Relaxation

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