Trademarks & Counterfeit

We have noted that a number of retail outlets, both online and physical stores, have created counterfeit Island Jay products. We routinely enforce our trademarks and intellectual property rights. 

Island Jay products are sold only at and select retail stores. Any new product sold on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or any other 3rd party website by a seller that is NOT clearly listed as Island Jay is not authorized to sell Island Jay products. Those products likely will be inferior counterfeits. If you should find a counterfeit website, please report it to us by email:

Yes, we will take you to court for counterfeiting the Island Jay brand!
Island Jay, Inc has a zero tolerance policy against the counterfeiting of our brands, registered trademarks, and copyrights. We work hard as a small, USA owned and founded business to protect our intellectual property

Island Jay has submitted thousands of takedown notices to various websites, print on demand clothing companies, and individuals that have infringed upon our intellectual property. Those who do not comply or respond to cease and desist letters will have legal action taken against them. We have and will continue to take legal action against anyone infringing upon our intellectual property. 


Our Trademark & Copyright Records

Trademark Name USPTO Serial Number Registration Number
Island Jay 85921448 4451253
Island Jay 90579777 6637530
Not a Worry in the World 86193427 4824033
Not a Worry in the World 85929192 4447880
I'm The Cabana Boy 88094322 5818096
I'm Not Waiting Til 5 88161902  5768481
If I Can't Wear flip Flops,
I Don't Want To Go
86528998 4906421
Felicia The Flamingo 90505863​ 6595160
Copyright Name Registration Number
Keeping My Distance From The Rest Of The World VA0002207354
Work Sucks Lets Find A Tiki bar VA0002197940
I’m The Cabana Girl VAU001333975



The content of this website is the intellectual property of Island Jay, Inc. Utilization of any and all website content, including Island Jay, Inc's intellectual property and/or third party intellectual property appearing on this website, including without limitation: the reproduction, modification, distribution and/or re-publication of same without the prior express written authorization of such intellectual property’s owner(s) is prohibited. 

For trademark, copyright, and intellectual property questions, contact Jason Guarino or Island Jay's legal council for IP infringement,  Attorney John Shoreman.

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How does counterfeiting happen so easily?
Most counterfeiters of our intellectual property are based outside of the United States. The reason is simple. Foreign individuals and companies are often outside the jurisdiction of US laws and prosecution. 

We have documented thousands of counterfeiting websites, many of which steal and resell your personal and financial information. For example, Vietnam, a well known hub for online counterfeiting activity, is where we see most of our documented counterfeiting sites based. We also see many counterfeiting sites operate from within the borders of China and Russia. 

Counterfeit websites appear to offer legitimate goods from Island Jay and many other brands.  They heavily target potential customers in the USA. The reason is there are many companies in the USA that can print, pack, and ship orders for them. These type of services are known as Print On Demand (POD). These POD companies turn a blind eye to what they are producing, and are therefore a favorite for foreign counterfeiters to illegally profit off of unknowing consumers.


I ask my fellow Americans and even the is this legal?

"The fact that USA owned POD companies are profiting from the theft of American owned intellectual property, personal, and financial information while building financial relationships with foreign counterfeit entities is, in my opinion, anti-American." 
- Jason 

Jason Guarino
Owner and Partner
Island Jay, Inc.