Island Jay's 5 Top Beach Drinks You Need To Try

Start thinking about Piña Coladas, Rum Runners, Painkillers, and just about anything mixed with rum in a blender.  You will start to envision yourself with a cold drink in your hand, sitting down and relaxing on the beach.  You’re watching the sunset and you smile as your cabana boy asks if you want anything else today.  Let the tide drift away all of your worries.  Ahh.

Not everyone can get to the beach, but just about anyone can enjoy a tropical drink that helps them escape to their favorite sun-filled getaway.  We here at Island Jay are big fans of rum drinks, we hope you are too!  Here is our top-5 list of Beach Drinks that will help take you away to a sunny day on a warm beach.

The Piña Colada Recipe
Grab our Piña Colada Recipe Here

Pina Colada Recipe

Everyone knows about a Piña Colada and getting caught in the rain.  Now it's stuck in your head!  No worries, a few sips of a real Piña Colada and you will be happy to be singing that tune.

The Piña Colada is perhaps one of the most popular tropical drinks ever conceived.  Sadly many bars make it the cheap way with a premade mix and bottom shelf rum, and a blender that barely chops up the ice. Who wants that?

A real Piña Colada is made with fresh pineapples and a Cream of Coconut extract like the one Coco Loco makes.  Using a good coconut rum like Blue Chair Bay mixed in a good blender with real pieces of pineapple creates for a frozen concoction that is begging to be topped off with whip cream, a fruit slice, and an umbrella.

Rum Runner Recipe
▶ Grab Our Rum Runner Recipe Here

Rum Runner Recipe

You hear the words Rum Runner and BOOM, you think Pirates and smugglers trying to get their favorite spirit across the Caribbean waters.  But the truth is, this drink did not come around until the 1950's in the Florida Keys.  The Holiday Isle Tiki Bar in Islamorada is credited with making the first Rum Runner.  A modern Rum Runner can be spotted with its signature red color often blended, but can also be poured over ice.

Using a good spiced rum like Sailor Jerry, and a quality orange juice is critical in order to experience what a real Rum Runner is all about.


The Pain Killer Recipe
▶ Grab Our Painkiller Recipe Here

The Pain Killer Recipe

Full credit goes to the Soggy Dollar Bar back in the 1970's for creating this famous drink.  It is so popular now, that it’s considered the official drink of the British Virgin Islands. 

The original and best way to make this drink is with Pusser's rum.  However, any good dark rum will help sweep you away to a tropical existence.  The addition of pineapple, cream of coconut, and orange juice just makes this a true tropical drink inspired by the Caribbean beach life.


Caribbean Rum Punch Recipe
▶ Grab Our Caribbean Rum Punch Recipe Here

Caribbean Rum Punch Recipe

Yes, another rum drink!  We told how much we loved rum!  Rum Punch hits all the senses because of the tropical fruits mixed in with the flavored rums.  The sweet flavor of pineapple fruit and coconut rum really takes it home.  Serve it up with a pineapple slice and you have the much-loved Caribbean Rum Punch!

The key is to use good juices and rums.  Just like our rum runner, make sure you buy good quality fruit juices and rum.


Pineapple Mai Tai
 Grab our Pineapple Mai Tai Recipe Here

Pineapple Mai Tai

First, we have to say we’ve got nothing on Trader Vic's, the originator of the Mai Tai back in the 1940's.  Full credit is due to him and his spontaneous creation.

We came up with a Pineapple Mai Tai, which is a slightly more tropical version.  Here we mix spiced rum and coconut rum along with orange juice and pineapple juice.  Like its predecessor, this Mai Tai is strong with rum.  If you love coconut rum and pineapple, then give our Pineapple Mai Tai a shot.


Which beach drink did you like?

Comment below with your favorite or make a suggestion with your favorite Beach Drink.



  • Geri LOng

    Loved the Painkillers at the soggy dollar. What a fun experience. Live WebCam on the beach enjoy our family going there every year and watching them on the WebCam. Their painkillers were to die for. I re-create that drink every summer to bring back the memories of the Caribbean.

  • Linda Anderson

    They all sound good…looking forward to taste testing if the weather ever warms up here in Washington State ;)

  • Melissa Sherman

    They all sound great, because of beach feels, but I can’t wait to try the Pineapple Mai Tai!! Pineapple, Rum and warm weather? What else could you ask for!!
    Happy Independence Day to y’all!!!!

  • Jamie

    Love them all!

  • Peg Bennett

    My favorite drink is A Day At The Beach……Malibu Rum, Amaretto, Orange juice (I prefer Pineapple Juice) and a splash of Grenadine. I tried this for the first time at Longboards @ Outer Banks,NC. love love love OBX.

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