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🦩🎅🦜Only Felicia the Flamingo could help Santa this Christmas

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Felicia's Christmas Story

One busy Christmas Eve, Santa was rushing around with his sleigh, delivering presents all over the world. But this year, there were so many children and so little time, he realized he was far too tired to deliver to the Caribbean. That's when he thought of Felicia the Flamingo, who lived there on a warm, sunny island.

Santa quickly gave Felicia a call, and she was eager to help. "I'll make sure every child gets their present!" she promised. Felicia asked her feathered friends to help, Mango, Salsa, and Tiki, and they got ready to pull Santa's sleigh through the Caribbean sky. Felicia encouraged Santa and his reindeer to stay on her island home and rest.

That night, with the sleigh full of presents, Felicia and the parrots worked as a team. They zipped through the starry night, from one island to the next, making sure each gift was left under the right tree. The children of the Caribbean woke up to a wonderful holiday, thanks to the help of Felicia, Mango, Salsa, and Tiki.


  • Sunshine Lee

    Merry, Merry Christmas! Thank you for the smiles you bring to us and the great items you have on your site! May the New Year be a truly great one!😊

  • Anne Mallore

    Merry Christmas Jay! Such a cute story that I will share with my grandson. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season and may your New Year be filled with abundant joy!

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