Easy Margarita Recipe - Everything You Need To Know

Whether you’re celebrating National Margarita Day on February 22 or just looking for a delicious drink to enjoy on a hot day, this easy Margarita recipe is perfect. In this recipe, we’ll share everything you need to know. We’ll also teach you how to make a Margarita like a pro, with tips on choosing the right ingredients. 

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1. What ingredients do you need for the best margarita recipe?

In order to make the perfect margarita, you need three simple ingredients: tequila, lime juice, and triple sec. Of course you will need a glass, ice, and optional salt. 2. How to make an easy homemade margarita.

The key to making a great margarita is using high-quality ingredients and paying attention to the details. Here's our easy recipe that will make you a pro at mixing up these cocktails at home.

Slicing Lime For An Easy Margarita Recipe With 3 easy ingredients


  • 1.5 oz tequila
    Don't go cheap here, grab a bottle of quality tequila.

  • 1 oz triple sec
    You can also use orange liqueur instead.

  • .75 oz fresh lime juice
    Fresh limes are always best. Slice them into wedges to make it easy to squeeze for the juice. Hold onto an extra one for garnishing. If you don't have fresh lime juice, bottled lime juice can work.

Let's do this!:

  • Add ice to your cocktail shaker and your margarita glass.

  • Add the tequila, triple sec, and lime juice to your cocktail shaker, cover, and shake well. Strain into your margarita glass filled with ice.

That's it! Easy, right? But what if you want to get a bit more fancy?

Easy Margarita Recipe In A Glass With a Slated Rim & Lime Wedge

Let's rim that margarita glass.

Rim your margarita glass with a little bit of sugar for an easy way to dress it up. Just rub the rim of the glass with a lime wedge and then dip it in salt. You can also use sugar, chili powder or cinnamon sugar for a different flavor profile. Get creative and it will start looking like it came from a top Mexican restaurant.

Easy garnish ideas

There are endless possibilities when it comes to garnishes for margaritas. and it really depends on your personal preference.

A popular choice is a salt rimmed glass, but you could also use citrus fruit slices, berries, or even herbs like mint or cilantro. If you're looking to get creative, you could even use fun toppings like whipped cream, sprinkles or chocolate shavings. Whatever your preference, just make sure the garnish goes well with the flavor of your drink.

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A classic margarita recipe will become your new favorite cocktail

And it should. This is easier than buying a margarita mix helping to make this one of your favorite cocktails.


How do you make your margaritas? Comment below with your ideas. 


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