How to Play a Hook & Ring Toss Game

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How to Play a Hook & Ring Toss Game

The rules for playing a Hook & Ring Toss Game vary by region and manufacturer of the game. Regardless of the differences, the object of the game is for a player to reach a set number of points...and have a ton of fun! The first person to reach the set number of points wins. In the event of a tie, both players continue until the next point is won with an even amount of turns taken. A player gets 3 chances to land the ring on the hook. A player can be awarded points on all 3 turns. Once the player takes all 3 turns, regardless of any scoring, it is the next players turn.

Point System for Hook & Ring Toss Games

There are two point system. Simple Style and Tournament Style.

Simple Style: When you land your ring on the hook you get one point. There are no other points awarded for any reason.

Tournament Style: Points are awarded for the following actions.

1 Point - The ring hits the hook once and makes a "ting" sound.
2 Points - The Ring hits the hook twice and makes TWO "ting" sounds.
5 Points - The ring lands successfully on the hook.

It is not uncommon to have point goals set at 100 points or higher for Hook & Ring Toss Games. Skilled players can easily rack up the point very fast.