Beach Body Classic Tee Navy

Men's Beach Body Classic Tees have the fit you need.

Shows off your body's best features through your arms, chest, and torso.

Beach Body Tee Comparison

Got dad bod? Our Beach Body Classic Tees are the answer. 

Your dad bod needs a little work, right? Our Beach Body Classic Tee will hug your body in all the right places. Less emphasis on the belly and more on the arms and chest. Draws attention to your pretty face.

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    Men's Beach Body Classic Tees have the fit you need

    Traditional t-shirts are boxy, boring, and don't help show off the goods. Our Beach Body Classic Tees will help profile your body's best features. Your new look wearing our truly classic tee will have people asking... "have you lost weight recently?"
    One glance in the mirror and you will look a bit more toned. Expect a smile to appear on your face. Our Beach Body Classic Tees have the look of a slim cut without feeling clingy.