Work Sucks Let's Find A Tiki Bar Metal Tumbler
Work Sucks Let's Find A Tiki Bar Metal Tumbler

Work Sucks Let's Find A Tiki Bar Metal Tumbler

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Of course, work sucks. You know you need to work, but do you really belong at work? You could have a great job and a great boss that appreciates you. Still, you just feel the need escape for a while. Punching out for the day you think, “Tiki Bar!”. But you said it so loud in your head your ears are ringing.

Can you picture it? Leaving work after a long shift and heading home. But instead of taking a right turn, you call your other half, ask them to meet you at the tiki bar….and turn left. Upon arriving you realize you have smiled more in the past 5 minutes than you did all day.

tiki drinks

You park, look over and see the person you asked to join you already walking toward you. You notice their smile as they grab your hand and you both walk in together. It’s turning out to be a great evening.

The menu is handed to you, but you already know which delicious concoctions you want. As you both place your order, you take a moment, exhale, and the long day you just experienced passes out of you. A new experience now enters your mind as you take a much-needed mini vacation on your way to a tropical paradise. There is nothing else to think about except for the Tiki Bar you are now enjoying with your loved one. You found where you belong.

Each tumbler is printed with one of our unique phrases within a brilliant color. But you don't care about that! You want to know if this will keep your drink ICE COLD. Of course it will! For much longer that you would expect.

It's durable and will last. Perfect for your next trip to the beach or the office.


Tumblers for any day and any event.




Customer Reviews

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I Love It

I am a recent convert to these metal cups. This particular one was for me, and expressed my philosophy on a single cup. It is barely spring in Oregon, and I long for flip flop season.

My “Happy Place” tumbler

This is a perfect tumbler for keeping my coffee hot or my Bloody Mary’s cold on Sunday while I’m listening to Tiki Man Radio. Goes wonderfully with the rest of my TMR merch! Love it!!

Great mug but slight defect

I love the mug but I'm a perfectionist and there was a small flaw on it. I can't pick the mug up without seeing the flaw. It's a dimple on the handle without paint. Since I'm right here handed, it is visible to me with every sip of coffee. I have loved all my Island Jay merchandise and didn't expect this.

Hi Debra. Quality control is a huge part of what we do…so is stellar customer service. Once in a while a “bad egg” slips through during manufacturing…and we always do our best to make things right! We will send you another mug after a few business days. Thanks! Anna

Great quality product

Very nice product. Get a lot of compliments on how nice the quality is.

My Happy Review

Thank you Island Jay for my order. Everything was in perfect condition. I would have sent my review sooner but was a bit under the weather with a sinus infection for a couple weeks. I'm doing better now. The items I ordered are really nice, the 2 key chains, the extra lids, and that cute tumbler that says"There's wine in here." I Love It!!!! I'd like to have one of each of them and start an Island Jay Collection but I'm not filthy rich yet so I might just get 1 each month when I get paid till I get them all.😁 I'm so glad I found your website and have recommended it to some of my friends. Take Care Island Jay👍👍

Filler up !

Love the color, graphics and feel of the cup.

Metal tumbler

The tumbler gets a 5 but the engraving is beginning to wear off. So I rated it as a 3.

Tumbler and replacement lids

The replacement lids work great if you prefer sipping rather than using a straw. Fit perfect! Love my tumbler although some of my lettering us wearing away.

Hi Debra, Jason here and sorry to see this. please reply back so we can help make it right for you. Thanks!

Awesome Drink Cup

I love this big cup‼️ It holds a lot, keeps it cold‼️ Quality is 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Love Island Jay❣️

Social distancing beer mug

Love it. Keeps my drinks supercool. Rum and coke stays icy and chilly.

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