Replacement Lid for 20oz Regular Insulated Tumblers

Replacement Lid for 20oz Regular Insulated Tumblers

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Replacement lid for any 20oz Island Jay/Florida Life Metal Tumbler. Fits our regular tumblers and not any "Skinny" tumblers. Includes a slide lid to help make your tumbler spill resistant. 

Lid is clear and includes a gasket.

20oz Tumbler replacement lid

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Island Jay: Your One-Stop Destination for Relaxation

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
B Smith (Venice, FL, US)
Wonderful Tumbler Saver!

So great to be able to buy this replacement lid for our tumbler. Can't always get a replacement!

Marilyn W (Largo, FL, US)
Flip Flop Tumbler

This is absolutely the best tumbler ever. Cold drinks and ice stay cold for 24 hours and coffee stays hot for hours!
I dropped mine when I first got it and broke the lid. I ordered a new one but received a 16 oz lid instead of a 20 oz lid. Although Katie from Customer Support (who responded immediately), tried to help me, without a picture of the broken lid (which I had thrown out), they couldn't guarantee the right lid size as they had several manufacturers they used.
For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why a replacement 20 oz lid, for their tumbler, wasn't a sure thing. Katie refunded my money. She even offered to send another tumbler with a lid, which I declined., but was a very nice offer. I just went out and bought a replacement 20 oz lid for another brand and it fits just fine.
Overall, I will definitely buy from them again as their tumblers are great!

Glenda C. Bell. (Ocala, FL, US)
Received my lids

After a small mix up … island Jay got the correct lids to me. I have never experienced such outstanding customer service from any company before!! I’ll always be a loyal Island Jay customer 🥰

Pattye DeSousa (Laurelton, NJ, US)
flamingo wrap metal tumbler

Thank you so very much for the replacement lid for my tumbler. I love it so much but the first one I couldn't get it to release correctly when I tried to open it. This one works perfectly. Thank you so much!!!!

Carol Spratt (Cleves, OH, US)
Cup Lid

Salesperson on phone was phenomenal.. Very nice and helpful. I’ll do repeat business. This wasn’t my first purchase. 5 Stars
Sincerely, Carol Spratt

Teresa Hekkers (Colorado Springs, CO, US)
Replacement lids

Best ever to keep my drinks from spilling when walking!

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