Women's Where is my Cabana Boy Tank Top
Women's Where is my Cabana Boy Tank Top
Women's Where is my Cabana Boy Tank Top
Women's Where is my Cabana Boy Tank Top

Women's Where is my Cabana Boy Tank Top

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Key Lime
Aqua (Limited Stock)
Island Reef Green
Hot Pink

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Our women's short sleeve t-shirts & tank tops are a true adult women's cut garment. They are not slim or fitted, but a relaxed style.

If you are between sizes, please consider ordering the next size up.

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People simply don’t understand how difficult life can be without a Cabana Boy. Towels don’t just magically bring themselves, you know. Same goes for tropical refreshments. When you raise your hand to your mouth, you’ll look far more sophisticated if it’s holding a drink, not a fistful of air.  And is it unreasonable that you prefer to have lotion slathered on you by a handsome stranger whose name you’ll never pronounce correctly?

“Where’s my Cabana Boy?” isn’t just an innocuous question. It’s your birthright, dammit!

Congratulations on making the smartest purchase of your lifetime.

If anyone asks what you did today, just show them the Island Jay item you purchased and enjoy a well earned round of applause.

Your purchase grants you complete and unfettered access to Island Jay, a magical land of recreation and relaxation. It’s a place that you should strive to visit every day of your life, and it’s my job to help get you there. Don’t just dream the beach life, live it.

Island Jay
Chief Relaxation Officer


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