Day Tripper Beach Bag - Do You Hear the Ocean Calling
Day Tripper Beach Bag - Do You Hear the Ocean Calling

Day Tripper Beach Bag - Do You Hear the Ocean Calling

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RING RING! You get the call...that magic call from a friend. They are heading to the beach and they want you to go with them.

When you ask?
Now they reply.

You are in the middle of something and you want to justify screwing off. Well that was not hard to do. Time to get your stuff. No problem. Just grab the basics, towel, sun block, and a t-shirt.

Then you say out loud "Oh Shoot" (Except you didn't say shoot, you said the other "S" word).  I need a tumbler, my sunglasses, and a good book. (Kindle, iPad, whatever).  But will it all fit? Will it fit?

Yes, yes it will. All that will fit into Island Jay's durable Day Tripper Beach Bag. is the sales pitch. Well if you read this far you are probably interested anyway.

This bag is strong. Like really strong. Island Jay personally tried to rip it and he couldn't do it. So it get's his seal of approval. Plus it holds all your stuff for the quick trip, and comes with your favorite Island Jay design on one side of the bag.

The Island Jay Day Tripper Beach Bag Specs?

I thought you would never ask.

  • 100% 10oz Cotton Canvas Materials
  • 10" Handle Drop
  • 14" Tall x 12" Wide x 4-6" Deep (Expands up to)
  • Double stitched surged sides (This is fancy talk for good stitching)
  • Handles are attached with cross X stitching
  • Holds 2 rolled up 30x60 beach towels, 2 tees, 2 sunglasses, 3 bottles of sunblock, 3 tumblers. If you are good at Tetris you can fit a bit more in there.
  • Lays flat for easy storage.
  • One big open area to hold everything. 

Well, that's it. Maybe you have a bunch of beach bags and don't need another. Maybe you like our designs and cannot live without this bag. Or maybe, just maybe you didn't even bother reading this and have already purchased the bag. Either way, thanks for looking! 


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Looks good

Looks good, works great


Love my new beach bag love everything I have purchased


Love my island jay!!!

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