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Coupon Codes

Where to get Real Island Jay coupon codes

Island Jay does offer coupon codes to our customers from time to time. These coupon codes will always come from us by way of an online ad, email marketing, or directly on our web site at IslandJay.com. To get the latest offers and coupon codes, we would suggest joining our newsletter by clicking here.

Please note Island Jay coupon codes can only be used at IslandJay.com and not at any authorized dealer or other web site.


Fake & Expires Coupon Codes

Sadly, there are many coupon codes floating out there on coupon code sites that are not affiliated with Island Jay. They will offer fake codes or expired codes. We realize this can lead to a frusterating experience for our customers. Please keep in mind we have little control over what these websites publish for codes and it is extremely difficult to get old or broken codes removes. For this reason, we cannot honor codes found on any coupon code web sites, especially if they do not work.

Some of these web sites offering fake or expired coupon codes are WikiBuy, CouponFollow, DealSpotr, Couponbirds, and Retail Me Not.

If you have a question or concern about a coupon code, please do contact us.

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