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The Quality of Island Jay T-Shirts

Island Jay T-Shirt QualityIsland Jay branded t-shirts are designed to be something unique and present a level of quality not typically associated with "beach shirts".

When you purchase an Island Jay branded t-shirt, you are receiving a t-shirt that you will not find from your cookie cutter gift shop in the Florida Keys. Perhaps this is why so many of our Islanders buy t-shirts from Island Jay to take with them on their tropical vacation.

Walk around a few gift shops in Key West and you will find each shop sells the same, cheap rough t-shirt with "Key West" printed on them. Take a trip back up the keys to Miami and you will find the same t-shirts with "Miami" printed on them. You have to question....what exactly are you buying and what are you supporting?

Island Jay's t-shirts are 100% pre shrunk ring spun cotton.
What exactly is "ring spun" you ask? Have you ever shopped for a t-shirt from a high end retailer and saw one being sold for $40 or even $50? You ask yourself, what could possibly make that t-shirt cost so much? Then you touch it and feel how soft the cotton feels. You note the stitching is nice and even, not tattered. You then reach down and touch the t-shirt on your body and note how rough it feels. Then.... you get it. You can feel and see the quality.

This is how Island Jay's ring spun t-shirts are designed to feel. Soft, comfortable, and a great fit for your Island & Beach lifestyle.