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About Island Jay

About Island Jay, the Company.

Island Jay is the best source for Island & Beach inspired t-shirts and accessories. Our product line is developed with unique concepts and creativity. We collaborate with many talented artists whom contribute to our brand.

These are not your cookie cutter t-shirts that you will find in every beach shop or resort town. Island Jay's beach t-shirts and accessories are different. Find out more about our quality here.

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About Island Jay's founder, Jason Guarino.

As the owner & founder of Island Jay, I decided to develop the Island Jay brand based on my experience of living and visiting Florida & the Caribbean since birth. I was fortunate to spend a good portion of my young life living in Freeport on Grand Bahama Island at the Coral Beach Condo's. 

I can still remember going to school and being taught about the heritage of the Bahama Islands. History class was my favorite as we would always be talking about pirates like Blackbeard and Bluebeard who roamed the Caribbean waters that surrounded us.

After school, my thoughts of quickly getting my bathing suit on was the only thing running through my mind. I would head down the path from the condo, past the palm trees that lined the way. Then I would go around the swimming pool and shuffle board area where the retirees were playing. I would smile as my feet left the concrete patio and hit the soft, warm Bahama sands. When I got closer to the Caribbean Sea, I would drop my towel and dive right into the crystal clear waters.

I was swimming, diving, boarding, or just laying there and enjoying the waves. After, I would head up to the beach bar, order a cheeseburger and fries (long before I heard the song about it), grab a soda, and enjoy the atmosphere. Life was good. It was an experience I will never, ever forget, and will always cherish and appreciate.

This was all due to a my step father, Charlie. He treated me not only as his own, but showed me a world beyond what most people will ever see. I loved him dearly for this and hold onto his memory. Because of him and his inspirations for me, I was able to make Island Jay what it is today.

Years later as I became an adult and married my love, Tina. We have visited many other tropical destinations. I wanted to share those experiences with her by visiting Cozumel, Key West, & many coastal areas of Florida.  We also lived just outside of Clearwater, Florida for 5 years, which is where Island Jay was born in January 2013. 

Needless to say, I have been inspired by the Island & Beach Life. I hope you can share my inspirations, heart, and soul that I pour into my company, Island Jay.