Aloha Amigos and Tostitos,

Please take a moment to halt what is occupying your time at this moment. Even if you are a doctor performing open heart surgery, I assure, it can wait.

Now is your chance to escape from the daily routine of your life.

Long commutes, impossible assignments from your boss, brushing your teeth twice a day… isn’t it all just a waste of time?! Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a life of beach bars, tiki torches, and warm sea breezes.

Relax … and embrace those tropical feelings as you enjoy the faint sounds of a ukulele in the distance. Rejoice because you know you deserve this life.

Who Is Island Jay? Image of Island Jay

Welcome back to reality. There, don’t you feel better now?

The time has come for introductions. I am your guide, Island Jay. My job is to usher you into a tropical state of mind as often as you wish. And you, my friend, appear to be someone in need of my services.

To help you along your journey, my job is to present to you a level of kindness. While this kindness is genuine, I will kindly ask that you do not misinterpret it as a proposal of love. I know, it’s an easy mistake. Those ukuleles can be so seductive. So alluring. So… but I digress.

Should you find the need to daydream, know that Island Jay is here for you. If you can give yourself a mere 60 seconds a day to close your eyes and embrace paradise, then you are on your way to a better state of mind. If 60 seconds feels too long for you, start with a minute and work your way up. Just remember that your journey towards relaxation can start with a single step… followed by a two-hour nap in a hammock.

With my fondest regards,
Island Jay
Chief Relaxation Officer