Mayor Gonzo Mays T-Shirts

    We are the official online source for your Mayor Gonzo Mays T-Shirts. One famous literary quote per t-shirt. An original Key West, Florida, souvenir!

    Who is Mayor Gonzo Mays? She is the Official Honorary Mayor of Key West by County Commission Proclamation. Mayor Gonzo Mays has lead the life full of stories and events that are both entertaining and surprising. 

    Sammie Mays is a Category 5 literary hurricane. Here is a full-force gale of stories about the adventures that earned her the nickname 'The Gonz' and a place as the honorary mayor of Key West. The Mayor's book, 'Damn the Carnations Full Speed Ahead'  is full of piss, vinegar, wisdom and advice for living the good life." -WILLIAM McKEEN, Professor & Chair, Boston University, Dept. of Journalism

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