Sometimes you just need a little Coke with that Rum (Video)


Rum & Coke Recipe


Ever have one of those days where you need a bit more rum than Coke? 

Music Courtesy Sunny Jim


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    Nailed it. I moved there after visiting a couple of times and thought I was prepared financially, but still wasn’t ready for the cost of living. By the time I left, 12 years later, I had worked my way up and was living in a 500 sq ft 2Br-1BA duplex in New Town, and was considered well off by the local standards because I was able to afford the rent by myself with no second job and no roommate.
    > Suggestion: If you have a clesn background and are willing to keep it that way, consider working for the City or County. Benefits, which are hard to find in the hospitality industry.
    > Be prepared for possible difficulty getting vehicle and home/renter insurance. Some large comoanies won’t write policies in the Keys at all because of the risks and expense. When I moved, I found that out the hard way when my big-company insurance agency wouldn’t transfer my policies there. Their nearest agent was in Homestead and they didn’t want to hear either.
    > As the article said, KW isn’t exactly family-friendly. If you’re not into sports like Little League, or can’t afford water activities like boating or dishing, there’s not much for kids – or adults for that matter – to do besides getting drunk/high and/or watching TV and/or the internet. It’s more of a problem for kids, really.
    > Having said all that, it’s gorgeous, no air pollution (no industry + Gulf breeze), generally laid-back locals, and there’s the best Cuban food anywhere, maybe even counting Cuba, and there’s the blessed ocean. I still REALLY miss those last two. :)

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    My kind of drink on any day. Especially at Treasure island

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    Bryant Pierpont

    Little to much Coke?

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    Chris K

    My heroes!! This is awesome and SO true!!!

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