Rum & Coke Recipe & Video

Sure, the Rum & Coke is a simple drink. But it's my favorite, so why not make Island Jay's first video tutorial about it? Besides, I was thirsty and did not want it to go to waste.

- Island Jay


  • White Rum 2oz
    White rum, also known as silver rum, is the usual choice. Spiced rum is my personal favorite and I will often select Sailor Jerry because it's not too sweet. 2oz is just a suggestion and I promise to not judge.
  • Coke 6oz
    From a fountain or even the bottle mexican Coke (Yes it is oddly better).Since rum is carb free, if you select Diet Coke you can have a carb free option. Personally, I prefer Pepsi, but please do not tell anyone.  
  • Lime To Taste
    A squeeze of lime is a nice addition. A little goes a long way and adds a bit of flavor if you are using white rum.
  • Cherries
    A nice garnish, unless you are a cherry addict like me, then it's a necessity.
  • Ice

🎥 Island Jay's Rum & Coke Video Recipe


This is an easy one:

  • Add the ice to your glass
  • Pour in the ingredients
  • Gently mix
  • Kick off your flip flops, sit back, and enjoy your drink

Share your comments below and post your own rum & drink photo.


  • Mark Spedding

    Gold or dark rum and diet goes well together!

  • Barbara Arwine

    Can’t wait for the rum to come out

  • Steve Cawthon

    Rum and Coke was my mother’s go-to (and only)drink. She started drinking it back at the beginning of WWII. She would go to dances for the military men at the Biltmore Hotel in Atlanta. She would get a rum and Coke and dance all night with the soldiers. The Jitterbug was her favorite dance, and Glenn Miller was her celebrity crush.

  • Priscilla

    4 oz Captain, 6 oz Diet Coke, 3-4 ice cubes, but really who measures?? :)

  • Island Jay

    Love this. Easy to make.

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