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Margaritaville Beer Totes

Genius! It takes a true beer lover to reinvent the way we carry our beer. It’s a cooler, carrier and opener all in one... So it’s going to hold my beer, keep my beer cold, and help me open the bottles. ...what else could you possibly ask for?

Margaritaville Beer Totes are simple but unique and useful. Thick scuba neoprene surrounds the bottles.

Margaritaville Beer Totes

Neoprene? If it’s good enough to keep the scuba divers warm at 10 fathoms down while they are spearfishing in shark-infested waters trying to catch my beachside dinner, then it’s good enough for my beer!

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In addition to the neoprene, the totes also have a center spot for an ice pack, and that is what makes them different. Your ice pack will provide a constant supply of cold, and the neoprene will help lock-in the cold and help to keep your beer colder all day long.

The construction is very durable, there’s no cheap stitching here. The pocket on the side is the perfect spot for your cell phone or other personal items, and it features an embroidered Margaritaville Parrot Logo. The Shark Bite bottle opener is the perfect opener to complete the ensemble!

Margaritaville Beer Totes make a great gift for the Parrothead heading to his next Jimmy Buffett concert, or for anyone who wants to enjoy a nice cold beer on the beach! Want to grab one? The only question that remains is, how many should you buy? Check them out on sale at Island Jay.


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