Make Your Own Pineapple Cup

1. What You Need To Make A Pineapple Cup

If you're looking for a fun and different idea for your next party, look no further than a Pineapple Cup made from fresh pineapples. Why? Because a Pineapple Cup is ridiculously easy to make. All you need is a fresh pineapple and a pineapple corer. They will seriously upgrade your next backyard tropical party and impress your guests with a unique frozen concoction.

2. Preparing the Pineapple

Start by rinsing off your pineapple. Then, cut the top off the pineapple. This will give you a flat surface to work with.

Next, use your corer to core out the pineapple. Keep that delicious pineapple aside for garnishing and snacking. Finally, take a long knife and cut out the hard center core.

Congratulations, you now have your own Pineapple cup! But you are not done just yet...


3. Freeze Your Pineapple Cup

Freezing your pineapple will make it hard... like a cup. Brilliant, right? This will help keep your drink cold and make it easier to enjoy. Plus, it'll look really cool when you bring it out!


make your Own Pineapple Cup - Add in a frozen concoction to finish your tropical drink and impress your friends.

4. Cleanup Your Pineapple Mess.

Sometimes this can be a bit messy with the pineapple juices and delicious pineapple pieces now in front of you. Don't worry, cutting up a pineapple may look like a disaster, but it is an easy cleanup.


5. Tips and Tricks

Get your drink on with a pineapple cup! Frozen drinks work best in your Pineapple Cup because they cannot always sit flat. If someone wants their drink on the rocks, fill up their pineapple cup all the way and grab your phone and start recording.

Pineapple cups are the perfect way to celebrate your tropical vacation, or just to transport a frosty drink to your backyard beach party. Whether you're using them for cocktails or for fruit-infused water, these creative cups are sure to impress your guests.

With a little preparation and some simple steps, you can make your own pineapple cups in no time at all.


Make Your own Pineapple Cup From A Fresh Pineapple

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