Island Mojito made with Code Rum

Need a little mint with your rum? Check out Island Jay's Island Mojito made with Code Rum and enjoy one during your next beachy sunset. 

Island Jay Mojito made with Code Rum


  • 2oz Silver Code Rum

Other Stuff

  • 10 fresh mint leaves
  • 4 Lime Wedges
  • 2 Table Spoons of Sugar
  • 5 oz Club Soda
  • Ice

Let's Make It!

  • Add the mint leaves and 2 lime wedges to the bottom of your glass.
  • Muddle them to release the mint oils.
  • Add the other 2 lime wedges and sugar. Muddle them. Do not strain anything.
  • Add ice to fill up the glass
  • Pour the Silver Code Rum over the ice.
  • Add the Club Soda.
  • Mix & serve.

Code Rum Recipe Code Rum is a new Rum brand born right in Florida. They are absolutely delicious and have Island Jay's approval. Please check them out at



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Comments 7
  • Carol Horling
    Carol Horling

    Just wanted to let you know how much I love my shirts that I get from you I have the birthstone one. I have an idea I would love for you to make a she shack short or a Love shack short it could say go into my she shack or going to my Love shack. I actually haven’t she shocked down the Jersey shore. I have your sweatshirts and your shirts love them all very good quality I recommend them to a lot of people. My favorite rum drink is a Malibu Bay breeze with cranberry, pineapple, Myer’s rum and Bacardi rum and some lime on the side.

  • MIKE

    Do you remember a company called Old Florida Rum?

  • Juli

    Suzi ~ I also grow mint (I am in Michigan). I usually use it for tea. I harvest and freeze it for the winter but I am going to try some in this recipe! :)

  • Island Jay
    Island Jay

    @Suzi, How do you make yours?

  • Wifey

    Sounds relish!!

  • Tina

    This sounds really good! :)

  • Suzi

    I make these at home every day. I grow my own mint in my back yard. I wish I had the mint all year long, but winter takes it away. It’s hard to find a good Mojito in ny bar or eatery as good as mine are.

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