Captain Morgan Loco Nut Rum Review

I was walking into my local liquor store today to grab some much needed spice rum. My wife and I have a lot in common and a good Rum & Coke is no exception. Since she was coming back from a work week away and we were low on this necessary ingredient I found a trip was in order.

My attention was grabbed by a display showing off the Captain Morgan Rums and their new one, Loco Nut. So I grabbed my spiced rum and a bottle of the new stuff. After getting home I tried the Loco Nut....and it was damn good.

Being a liqueur, it has a slightly creamy flavor to it, so it was smooth. But the best taste was the coconut. Not as strong as other coconut rums, but it was a good quality taste. I would compare it to an authentic quality Pina Colada. One made with Coco Loco and not those cheap mixes. You can tell there was some love put into making this rum.

Pro's: Overall good flavor, smooth.
Con's: Light on coconut flavoring compared to other coconut rums. Only 40 Proof.
Would Island Jay suggest it? Yes. Good for a straight shot or to mix with a frozen concoction. 
Price Paid: $15
Proof: 40
ABV: 20%
Size: 750ml


Captains Morgan's Loco Nut Rum2


  • Bobby Z

    Have gone thru a few bottles already they also have a jack-o-blast that only comes out in oct. for the season it is a pumpkin rum (you have to like pumpkin) that my wife and sister-in law loves it is seasonal and in limited supply so we bought 10 bottles my self I like the cannon blast and the empty bottles can make some neat decorations

  • Jason Guarino

    Thanks for the great feedback!

  • Mary Bayne

    Captain Morgan should put you on his payroll. After your review, my husband and I went right out and bought some. We will be taking a few of these LocoNuts with us on our beach vacation in July!! Cheers.

  • Dennis mahood

    Headed for the liquor store now, hope they have it.

  • Howard Ward

    I picked up some loco nut today because of your review.

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