Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum Review


Testing Kenny Chesney's Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum was a no brainer for me. It is one of my favorite rums and by far my favorite coconut rum. Hell, I didn't even have to buy any for the this tasting as I keep it in stock at Island Jay HQ....but I bought another bottle anyway.

Some of your more popular coconut rums, like Parrot Bay or Malibu, are decent and tend to be a tad less expensive than Blue Chair Bay. However, I find that while those rums taste good, they do not have a good after taste. When I drink a less expensive coconut rum, I almost feel like I sipped a very sweet "hard" candy.

Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum is different. It tastes good and still holds it's flavor after it goes down. For this reason, it makes a good option for any recipe that calls for Coconut Rum, like Island Jay's Pina Colada

For the price and quality, you cannot beat this Coconut Rum. If you are a fan of Pina Coladas, give Blue Chair Bay Rum a shot (or two...or three) into the blender and mix it up!

Pro's: Overall good flavor, great after taste. Excellent value and better than other coconut rums in this price point.
Con's: Only 40 Proof, but really nothing to complain about.
Would Island Jay suggest it? Yes. This is a great Coconut rum for any concoction that calls for Coconut Rum.
Price Paid: $17
Proof: 47
ABV: 23.5%
Size: 750ml


Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum 



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    BCB Coconut Rum is by far the best coconut rum. Not too sweet – which is what makes it great. Perfect for mixed drinks, on its own on ice or shots! 🍹🌴

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    Tortuga coconut rum was always my favorite but my brother in law bought some blue chair for my wife and it’s not bad. Tortuga used to be 80 proof but now it’s 60. I do prefer more alcohol and less sweet. Of course, having to travel to grand cayman to get tortuga is a drag but, wait, no it’s not.

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    Where can buy the blue chair rums. I live in Oregon

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    I love the Blue Chair Bay Banana Rum Cream, So I’ll definitely have to give the Coconut Rum a try.

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    I guess I will just have to try the Blue……….
    Sounds really good!

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    Debbie Clater

    Blue Chair Bay Rum is my absolute favorite drinks of all.

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    Can you purchase the coconut rum on line?

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    Linda Arbuthnot

    Would love to buy some for Christmas

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    Sorry but too sweet for me. One of the hardest things to find is a coconut rum that isn’t overly sweet. Plantation makes a pineapple rum that way…and it’s higher proof as well. It can be done. Let the drinker or bartender sweeten as appropriate. Alas.

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    Because Kenny makes it and Island Jay recommends it, I guess I’ll have to try it. But……nothing beats Cpt. Morgan’s CoCoNut!!! I am such a fan! And that came from a recommendation from Island Jay, too.

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