Jimmy Buffett Facts, A Parrot Head Resource

Lets face it, when we think of Jimmy Buffett, well we are usually partying. There may be a Margarita or two mixed in, so the stories will start to tell may get a tad tall. Therefore, I want this to be the biggest and best list of Jimmy Buffett Facts on the internet. If you think you can contribute to the list, please Contact Island Jay! You will be given full credit in the resource section. Here is a list of Jimmy Buffett Facts I have so far. I know there is a LOT more facts out there, so please contact us or comment below.

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Jimmy Buffett Surfboard
Photo Credit: Jimmy Buffett Google+ Page

  • J.B. was born on Christmas Day, 1946 in Pascagoula, MS.
  • J.B.'s full name is James William Buffett.
  • J.B.'s parents were James Delaney Buffett, Jr. and Mary Loraine.
  • J.B.'s father was nick named JD.
  • J.B. attended St. Ignatius Elementary School & McGill Institute (High School) and graduated in 1964.
  • J.B. earned a bachelors degree in 1969 from USM. His major? History.
  • J.B. has been married twice. More recently to Jane in 1977 to present. He met her in "The Cart Room" in Key West. His first marriage was to Margie Wachichek from 1969-1971.
  • J.B. has three children, Savannah (1979), Sarah (1992), and Cameron (1994).
  • J.B. is NOT related to Warren Buffett, no matter how many times he called him "Uncle Warren". This was proven through DNA testing.
  • J.B. took up the guitar in college just to meet women.
  • J.B. trademarked the term "Parrot Head" back in 1996 and was coined by Coral Reefer Timothy B. Schmit in 1985.
  • J.B. was asked to be in the Pirate of the Caribbean movies, but had to turn it down because of a lack of time.
  • J.B. wears a chain around his neck with an anchor on it, in place of a wedding ring.
  • J.B. is a very successful author having written 1 anthology of short stories, 3 novels, 2 children's books, and an autobiography. 
  • J.B. has appeared on Hawaii 50 twice as Pilot Frank Bama, which is the name of the main character in his novel "where is joe merchant"


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Here are Key West Jimmy Buffett Facts

Jimmy Buffett Performing in Key West
Photo Credit: Herald Tribune

  • J.B. was introduced to Key West in 1971 by Jerry Jeff Walker, singer of the famous song Mr. Bojangles.
  • When J.B. lived in Key West at one of his many residecnes, he truly was 50 feet from Louie' Backyard Bar.
  • J.B. played the Chart Room Bar as his first gig. This where he introduced the song "Nautical Wheelers".
  • J.B. and the Coral Reefers played Mallory Square frequently in the 1970's....for free.
  • J.B. could not survive financially on his singing career in the beginning, so he also worked as a first mate on many private fishing charters.
  • The first Margaritaville Store opened in 1985 4 Lands End Village in Key West. It only sold t-shirts. Eventually it moved to 500 Duval Street where it exists today with the Margaritaville Restaurant.


Here are Music Related Jimmy Buffett Facts

  • Parrot Heads will often tail gate many hours before a concert starts. Some arriving as early as dawns break.
  • The Cheeseburger in Paradise was inspired while on a boat. Starving, J.B. stopped at a marina in Tortola. The overcook burgers served to him and his starving crew were thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Boat Drinks was written while J.B. was in Boston during a very cold February. The situation inspired him to look for a place to go where it is warm. Jimmy was playing in Derek Sanderson's bar, where he walked outside and saw a cab idling in front of the bar with no driver. He got into the cab, drove to his hotel, parked, left the fare on the seat, and went inside to get out of the cold. 
  • Come Monday was written for J.B.'s wife and family, as it is often the day he would return home from working on the weekends.
  • One Particular Harbor was written about a J.B. concert in Tahiti. While there, Jimmy was staying at a location that gave him a view of Cook's Bay, which inspired him to write One Particular Harbor.
  • Manana was inspired by J.B. living on his boat for a year in the British Virgin Islands. While at Foxy's Bar, the power went out on the island allowing the stars to shine through for the rest of the night.
  • Nautical Wheelers were a square dancing group from Key West that J.B. used to watch just off of Duval Street.
  • For many decades, J.B. concerts use to always feature The Big 8. These were 8 well know songs that were the staple of his concerts. This has changes a bit since 2003, but The Big 8 are:
    • "Margaritaville"
    • "Come Monday"
    • "Fins"
    • "Volcano"
    • "A Pirate Looks at Forty"
    • "Cheeseburger in Paradise"
    • "Why Don't We Get Drunk" — only played occasionally, as of 2007
    • "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes"


From a Cheeseburger in Paradise to his start in Key West, Jimmy Buffett has many stories behind his name. Some are tall and some are small. In the end, they do not matter if they are 100% true. As long as they continue to make us wonder and appreciate what he had given to every last Parrot Head.

Jimmy Buffett Facts Resources:

  • Wikipedia
  • Book "Jimmy Buffett the Key West Years" by Tom Corcoran
  • Island Jay Facebook Followers : Jill Craddock Rea, Julie Fox-Jensen, Scott Chabot, Rita Corvelli Meyers, Laura Ambrose, Erik Beckman.
  • Book "The Ultimate Key West Bar Guide." by Mark Lee

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  • Radio Trop Rock
    Radio Trop Rock

    Jimmy met Jane in the “Chart Room”. Not “cart”. Spelling error / typo I assume.

  • Chuck Stoeger
    Chuck Stoeger

    I was a fan of JB for quite a while (I was in an acoustic trio doing some of his songs) before I had a chance to see him live. The venue was Alpine Valley in East Troy Wi. in 1977. It was the first performance Jimmy played at the site which was to become a yearly event after that. My wife & I had 2nd row center seats. The tickets cost $8.00!!!

  • Randy Randazzo
    Randy Randazzo

    Jimmy and I were Kappa Sigma brothers at USM so I have been a fan since 1966. He had a cover band that played our fraternity parties (we did not know how good we had it!!!). Summer of 1967 he named his band Upstairs Alliance, they played that summer in a bar on Bourbon Street NOLA (in a room upstairs). Got to see them play there once that summer. Good going Jimmy!

  • bill Dichiara
    bill Dichiara

    Lived in Washington DC, Could not get tickets to his show. I was about to leave when I saw the will call booth. By chance I asked them if they had tickets. Bought unclaimed front row tickets for $50.00. The best concert I’ve ever been to……



  • Mark Thurman
    Mark Thurman

    I was at the original Margaritaville store in July of 1985. I still have a couple of “Caribbean Soul” t-shirts from that visit which are in rather poor condition after all these years, but I refuse to pitch them.

    I saw JB in concert 15 times from 1985 to 2005. I didn’t know the “Big 8” was a thing. If so, I would have thought it would be the “Big 10”. I don’t think JB ever failed to play either “One Particular Harbor” or “Brown Eyed Girl” (in addition to the eight songs you listed) at any of the concerts I attended. I was surprised that he did not play “Son Of A Son Of A Sailor” a few times, but realized that it wasn’t a certainty that he would always play it.

  • Dday

    I was a F-14 student standing the line watch duty in Key West in 1986 when my CO told me he was showing the jet to a civilian, Jimmy had a French baret and wore an earring, I didn’t know who he was then. I also saw Jimmy at Perdido Fl, where he walked in a strummed a few songs. Who would have thunk it!

  • Larry Bromberek
    Larry Bromberek

    Been listening to J.B. for 25+ years……lov his toons……he sing of what everybody dreams of…..

  • Linda

    Been a fan for many years. When my daughter was born in 1976, she got her name “Holly” for a line in a Buffett song. When she was 4 years old, we went to a wedding, and as she was standing in front of the polka band, one member leaned over and asked my daughter if she would like a song played. Without missing a beat she asked “could you play get drunk and screw”! I thought I would die!!!

  • Steve leahy
    Steve leahy

    While in college back in the mid 80s I was working security at kings island amusement park where JB used to play( same place they coined parrot heads) I was there but before the concert I was working the back access road and caught this guy riding a bike, so I stop him and ask hay buddy what the hell are you doing back here, very calmly he says… Well sir( I’m 19 at the time) I drink a lot of Heineken on tour and I have to keep the wieght off… Well I have no clue that it was JImmy Buffett till the other guys told me of course giving me hell .. I’ve been a fan since .

  • Debi Moore Huston
    Debi Moore Huston

    Was working on the infamous “Med Fly” project in LA ’75-April ’76 Lived in Hermosa Beach Heard about a Free concert at Long Beach State? field. Took my blanket and supplies . Lots of different groups Zsa zsa Pitts ? and Then this guy comes out and starts sing “Come Monday!” Had heard the song once 2 years before but no info—-AND THERE HE …..It was JB I never knew who did it or anything—-A Fan Forever

  • TOM Piontek
    TOM Piontek

    Subject in A Pirate Looks at Forty was a bartender at the Chart Room. I believe his ashes along withe 6 others are entombed in the Chart Room bar.

  • Angie

    Started going to hear Jimmy Buffet back when he went to USM in Hattiesburg, MS. He played at a couple of places. One was the Generals House and the other a place called the Stoned Toad. Wasn’t well known then. But a few years later, I moved to San Juan Puerto Rico just when Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude became quite popular. Still my favorite.

  • mary beth nelms
    mary beth nelms

    Many years ago, at Milwaukee Summerfest, Jimmy changed the lyrics to the song,“Why don’t we eat lunch in school.” While introducing the song, he stated that he needed to change the words, due to the fact, that we had our 3 young children in the 2nd row. We made a yearly pilgrimage, to see him in concert, with our kids. They are, now, 36, 34, & 31.

  • Mark "Peanut" Browning
    Mark "Peanut" Browning

    In college Jimmy was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity

  • Boatdrink Jim
    Boatdrink Jim

    Bubba is one of only seven authors to have a NY Times #1 Bestseller in both the fiction and non-fiction categories. His savvy as a writer and businessman exceeds his talent as a singer/performer, but I will forever be thankful for the music that has inspired my life.

  • Kelli

    Just for future reference, if it is true that he met his wife in key west it would be at the CHART room. it’s still there today.

  • John Candrilli
    John Candrilli

    I first learned of JB in 1974 at Hargrave Miliitary Academy from Captain Puryear and became a big fan ( Parrot Head) years later I was sitting in a bar in Va. Beach Va. Island Republic and I noticed a guy in a big straw hat at the end of the bar, I asked Mike the bar tender / friend is that Mike said hush! So I asked again and he still said HUSH! So I did of course. I sent a drink to him I still couldn’t see his face but for some reason I just knew! When he got the drink, he tilted his hat back just enough to smile nod his head and slammed down the drink he got up walked over to me and thank you very much for not blowing his cover. I asked him for just five minutes of his time and he put his hands on my shoulders and said again thanks for not blowing my cover. He told me he had just snuck in town for a friends wedding and he had to get back to FL. He shook my hand and left. Mike the bartender / Mang. Kept serving me drinks and told that as long as I stayed there that day, my drinks and food was on JB. I got drunk on JB, how cool was that. I now live in Fl. And have been to many of his concerts. In hopes of crossing his path again. Rock on JB!

  • Jerry

    I was born in Jan. 1946, JB in Dec. 1946. The first time I saw Jimmy Buffett was in a beach bar, I think the name was Trader Vic’s on the beach in Biloxi Ms. I was in the Air Force in Nav training. My wife worked for a Dentist accross hwy 90. I would be waiting for her to get off work. JB would be warming up. Usually no one in the bar at that time of day. He sang a different kind of music back then, not sure of year I think 1968. Maybe 1967. It was just before Camile blew everything away, including Trader Vic’s and the Dental office. I did not care for his music back then. I was headed to Viet Nam. It didn’t seem to me that he would be going anywhere near that place. Some time later I heard “Come Monday” by Jimmy Buffett. I thought, well, he finally wrote a good song. In 1970 I got out of the USAF and moved back to Northeast Alabama about 70 miles from Atlanta. It was there that I saw him again at some bar/night club. His music was some better. He played a little concert at the Fox Theater. I think I got a ticket for $12. Not many people showed up best I remember. I saw him off and on around Atlanta. When he did the Volcano tour. I caught a couple of concerts. I think that is when he began to get rolling. I was in the USAF with a guy from Key West. I went down for a visit. JB lived in a house a block away from Cotton’s. Since that night at the Fox in Atlanta, I have never missed a year or concert series. Some years in the 80s – 90s I would see over half the total concert dates. I took my son in 1976 and he became a fan. Now that JB and I both are 70 (he want be 70 until Christmas), I wonder how many more concerts are left in us. An interesting fact, when his Dad was suffering from Alzheimer’s, so was my mother. They both died the same week. I think it would be interesting to have a talk with him about our parrell lives, he the star and me the fan, from 1968 thru 2016. I saw a warning sign on a beach once, it said, “Danger, SOFT SAND AND STRONG CURRENTS” I always thought that would make a good album and song title. I close with this thought, “I JUST WANT TO HAVE ENOUGH MONEY, TO SIT ON THE FRONT ROW AT THE JIMMY BUFFETT SHOW”.

  • Linda Lantz
    Linda Lantz

    I got pregnant with son #1 listening to Buffet on 1974, gave big to son #3 in 1994 as I listened to him! Have danced with each son at his wedding reception to Come Monday. First song learned by the kids was Chreseburger! I took my oldest son with me to a concert in Frisco and he loved it. We are a family of parrotheads!

  • Jay McDaniel Sr
    Jay McDaniel Sr

    He was a great guy and friend to work with during my days at MCA. Wish him the best always. My two sons both met him on my shoulders and are both fans today. I was a fan far before I worked for a record company sitting on Daytona Beach listening to A1A.


  • SW

    Little discussed facts about JB… He attended Auburn University and was taught by a legend, John Lambert Youngblood to play the guitar and sing. JLY was older and popular and taught JB his first 3 guitar chords and took him under his popular wing. JB flunked out, JLY went about his wAy. The rest is history…

  • Frank. Costello
    Frank. Costello

    Jimmy 38 concerts and looking forward to 39 in NJ next week. We met in Maryland a few years back. Remember the Grumman Goos painting I gave you. Hope you still enjoy it. See you next week.

  • Bonnie

    WRONG!! He met Jane ioutside The CHART Room in Key West. I’ve been there. He met To Corcoran there, who was the bartender, and ultimately a cowriter of Fins and now a novelist.

  • Longknife

    I remember reading that Jimmy was a big fan of the Allmans after seeing them as a reporter.

  • Nancy Meredith
    Nancy Meredith

    I first saw JB I can’t even put the date here (in the 60’s) at a place called The Flick which was a bar by The University of Miami. Place is now called Titanic I believe. Also watched a concert at the Old Marine Stadium on Key Biscayne floating on an inner tube. I recall him telling a story where he went to a bank in the Keys for a loan and was turned down due to the fact that he was a singer/guitar player.

  • Bill Delahoussaye
    Bill Delahoussaye

    Went to my 1st JB concert in 1975 in Lafayette, LA! My last one was 6/4/16 in Houston! He’s been such a part of my life that my kids called him Uncle Jimmy! JB, Thanks so much for giving us such great music to Live Life Like a Song!!!!

  • Steve Stephens
    Steve Stephens

    I have been to JB concerts and watch them on Margaritaville TV. I used to play Delaney talks to statues whenever my daughter was with me. Because it was like our relationship. I was able to take my daughter to her first JB concert.this past June in Indianapolis. I told her it would be nice if he play Delaney talks to statues. A short time later he did play Delaney. My daughter started crying. After the concert she said thank you for taking me and I love you.

  • Mike Valencia
    Mike Valencia

    Never gave jb the time off day till recently….. Fun good time music. Going too see him in Atlantic city in two weeks can’t wait. Fins up. Lol

  • Lee Grodsky
    Lee Grodsky

    In my last post, it should say Steve Goodman’s father was a business associate of my father, not of mine… I was a 12/13 year old brat at that time….

  • Lee Grodsky
    Lee Grodsky

    In my last post, it should say Steve Goodman’s father was a business associate of my father, not of mine… I was a 12/13 year old brat at that time….

  • Lee Grodsky
    Lee Grodsky

    Nancy Benjamin I believe it was Amazing Grace Coffee House or The Chain on Main or Poor Richards that Steve Goodman, Jimmy and John Prine use to play at. Steve Goodman’s father was a business associate of mine. I used to get dropped off at Steve’s place in Lakewood/Wrigleyville to go to Cub games. Steve always had someone sleeping on his couch that would go to games with us. I have heard Jimmy talk about going to Cub games with Steve and “Some kid”…. I believe it was me….I had no idea at the time (1972/73) that these guys were anything other than my way to go to a Cubs game. Hope to be able to ask Jimmy a question one day about that.

  • Jimmie Pettit
    Jimmie Pettit

    Thanks for posting. Will look for more

  • Timothy Williams
    Timothy Williams

    When I was a First Responder of the Crisis Child Protection unit in West Palm Beach. Jimmy did fund raiser for the School of the Arts where his daughter attended. I was invited to attend but always got emergency calls and could not attend. All the school loved him for helping this school get off the ground at its original location prior to moving downtown.

  • Mike

    “Cheeseburger” originated in St. Bart’s from the La Select restaurant and a sign painted by artist David Wegman who was flipping burgers there. The same building became the night club “The Rock”???

  • Ron Kuerner, Jr.
    Ron Kuerner, Jr.

    I 1st saw JB perform in Mobile during a Mardi Gras at The Admiral’s Corner. I few years later in the mid-70’s I worked with his parents JD & Petes at Alabama Dry & Shipbuilding.

  • Garrett


    Played the Aber Day Kegger in 76 in our little mountain town of Missoula… and we’d sure love to have him back.

    “I guess it all blew up in Missoula
    There just was no other way.”
    -Miss You So Badly

  • Plugga

    I have been listening to Jimmy All the way back to the Mid 70’s. Raised my daughter on him. My proudest moment was when I bought her a new can for college. One Saturday she comes running up the drive blasting JB music….I was so proud!!!!

  • Bob Lyons
    Bob Lyons

    There was a Margaritaville in Gulf Shores, AL in the mid 80’s, on highway 59. Full of JB memorabilia, including his badge as an honorary Assistant Attorney General for Alabama. Place didn’t last to long….a Walgreen’s is there now.

  • Rick

    My kids grew up on Buffett music and attending his concerts. We took my oldest son Josh to Six Flags Over Georgia when he was around 4 (maybe 1984) and Jimmy happened to be playing there. It was a small venue, and folks were stoking up the ganja and knocking a beach ball back and forth. Somehow the ball seemed to start coming to Josh, and he’d smack it back with enthusiasm. Soon every time he hit it the crowd would cheer. He was loving it! Then when Jimmy came out and the beach ball disappeared, Josh couldn’t understand why no one was playing with him anymore!

  • Thumper Thompson
    Thumper Thompson

    OK seriously, everyone in Jimmy’s family had a nickname. Mr. JD called his wife Peete’s because that was her maiden name. LaLa (Laurie Buffett McGuane) is the oldest. She lives in Montana with husband Thomas McGuane, the writer. His work includes ten novels, short fiction and screenplays, as well as three collections of essays devoted to his life in the outdoors. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, The National Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame and the Flyfishing Hall of Fame. Bubba (Jimmy) is the middle, and LuLu is the youngest. She lives in Orange Beach, AL and owns LuLu’s restaurants in Gulf Shores and Destin, FL. Jimmy has 3 children Savannah Jane who is the oldest, and also Jimmy’s personal photographer and the Co-writer of the children’s book “Jolly Mon”. The years later came Sara Delaney, and Cameron Marley who is the only boy. Jimmy has actually been married 3 times due to the fact Jane divorced Jimmy in the early 80’s and he it took him most of the 80’s to win her back.

  • Mikey

    “Cheeseburger in Paradise” has its roots in at Cabbage Key. An island only accessible by boat or seaplane. They even have a dollar signed by JB hanging on the wall. The story of the burgers being burnt is true, that’s where the “heinz 57” part came in, to make it tolerable to eat.
    In a former resident of Key West, and SW Florida, now residing in Boston. I’ve seen JB a total of 29 times, August 20th 2016 will be show #30.

  • Patty

    Is Jimmy Buffer’s son his biological child?

  • Tim Cahill
    Tim Cahill

    This comment will show my age, but back in the day, Jimmy had a mustache. My brother, his wife, my wife and I went to Seattle to watch his concert. I had my binoculars with me so I could get a good view. Much to my surprise, when he came out on stage, he no longer had his mustache. He blamed it on too much champagne and two French hookers, lol. And he hasn’t had a mustache since. That would have been around 1981 or 1982.

  • GI Jerome
    GI Jerome

    I used to sing"He Went To Paris" to my son when rocked him. At the Nashville show in 2010, he was 20 and had a seat in a different spot. He texted me and said wouldn’t it be cool if Jimmy played He Went To Paris?

    He didn’t play it during the show. The very last song, just Jimmy and his guitar, and played that song. My son texted me and said “I love you Dad”

    I’ll always remember that moment.

  • Steve Grimes
    Steve Grimes

    Jimmy told a story about loaning his Porsche to a pal one night and the guy crashed it into the canal in front of Glen Freys house. Frey calls Jimmy, and says, I’ve got good news and bad news. Your Porsche is in the canal in front of my house, but I know you will get a song out of this.
    Were waiting on the song.

  • Scott

    I believe he spent time in N’Awlins as well, “The Wino and I Know.”

  • Kate

    To clear up the arguments in the comments regarding JB’s children, the article is correct. He has two daughters, Savannah Jane and Sarah Delaney. He has one son, Cameron Marley. However, I’m assuming under how he and Jane met, it was supposed to say Chart Room and not Cart Room.

  • Relaxin' Jackson
    Relaxin' Jackson

    Gypsies in the palace, was inspired by a conversation with Glen Frey about finding a house sitter while tour. A friend ship formed between the bands who were in awe of each other. In
    ’76 while promoting Havana Daydreaming. I was fortunate to attend the show at the Astrodome to see my favorite band the Eagles. I left the show a Parrot Head for Life.

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