Jamaica Beach Photos That Will Make You Want To Be There

Jamaica is one of the most beloved Caribbean Islands to visit. After all, it's the second island mentioned in "Kokomo" for a reason.

Jamaica caters to tourist that want that full tropical getaway experience. If you want to relax or be active, it is all here in Jamaica. Here are some of our favorite photos around the island.

Rick's Cafe in Negril

Rick's Cafe Jamaica

Jumping off of this 35 foot cliff is a rush. Even just watching others make the jump is enough to get your heart pumping. Locals are known to gladly make the jump and provide a show, but only if enough donations are made.
The waters around the cafe are clear and some of the most beautiful in the Caribbean. It also adds to the ambiance of watching the sun set every night. This place is a must for anyone visiting the island. As it is one of the biggest destinations in Jamaica, expect it to be a bit pricey...but worth it.


Ocho Rios Beach

Ocho Rios is the heart of activity in Jamaica. The cruise ships will land there flooding the resort town with tourists. You will find many high end resorts and spas available as well along with a many options for a busy night life.
Travel Tip: Visit Blue Hole, a lush tropical oasis surrounding a pool of blue water. This is one of those hidden gems that many visits do not know about (for now).

Doctor's Cave Beach Montego BayDoctors Cave Beach Montego Bay Jamaica

Plage de NegrilPlage de Negril

Boating on the Black RiverBoating on the Black River

unn's River Falls JamaicaDunn's River Falls Jamaica

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