Richard’s Bake and Shark in Maracas Bay Trinidad

Richards Bake and Shark
Richard’s Bake and Shark in Maracas Bay Trinidad. The best fish sandwich in the Caribbean? – Quite possibly.

When you think of vacationing islands, Trinidad and its sister isle, Tobago, aren’t usually at the top of everyone’s list. But what it may lack in popularity it more than makes up for it with its vibrancy and rich cultural diversity. And this is certainly found in its edible offerings in Trinidad and Tobago with Richard’s Bake and Shark.

A culinary gem can be found nestled in the northern coastline. As one meanders through the picturesque hills they are eventually greeted by the sight of one of the most popular beaches on Trinidad – Maracas Bay. After taking in a day of fun and sun naturally the next question is “what to eat?” If you were to ask a local, he would point you in the direction of Richard’s Bake and Shark.

As you will likely tell by the line in front of Richard’s Bake and Shark, there is something definitely special here. While the the name sake dish has been traditionally been made with shark meat, things have expanded to include other white fish, especial for those who may object to the consumption of shark meat. Fortunately, the taste remains intact. The ‘bake’ part is a type of traditionally made fried bread, which makes the name somewhat ironic.

Richards Bake and Shark Outside

Once you pick up your piping hot sandwich from Richard’s Bake and Shark, you head over to the condiments section where things start to really get interesting. Indeed this line is often where the line congestion can occur but it’s worth it. If you anticipate needing more than one, its best to grab two at the same time instead of lining up again. The toppings include the usual suspects such as ketchup mustard and homemade pepper sauce (use sparingly – it’s hot!). But also you will find tamarind and garlic sauce as well as local seasonings such as ‘shadow benny’ (shado beni) which has a similar taste to cilantro.

The Beach at Richards Bake and Shark

While you visit Trinidad mostly likely you will be visiting Maracas Bay. Make sure that you don’t miss this treat at Richard’s Bake and Shark. If you aren’t planning to take a swim, it’s worth the drive for the food alone! 

Jason "Island Jay" Guarino is a Beach & Island lover. Living in the Gulf Coast of Tampa, Florida, Jason and his family frequently visit the local beaches and beautiful sites that Florida offers.