Mark Twain Photo Restored

Mark Twain, one of the most noted influential authors in history, recently had a photograph of him colorized.

Mark Twain Restore Photograph\

Almost as if the photo was taken yesterday, this restored image of Mark Twain shows how he really looked. This 21st century renovation of the literary icon brings to life his vivid reality from a photo taken around 1900. Old black and white photos, often faded or discolored, are the only way the public had seen Mark Twain and a cast of other historical figures photographed over the past 150 years. The photographic renovation is part of a number of historical photographs that have been restore recently as reported by the web site TwentyTwoWords.

Mark Twain is a heavy influence on many well known “Caribbean” celebrities including Jimmy Buffett. Buffett attributes much of his creativity to Mark Twain’s work and has paid homage to Twain many times in books and songs.

Lincoln Restore Photograph
A recent restoration of President Lincoln


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